Occurrence record: tg9k36v5

Human observation of Dicranopalpus Doleschall, 1852 recorded on 2023-09-21


Occurrence ID tg9k36v5
Basis of record Human observation
Scientific name Dicranopalpus Doleschall, 1852
Licence CC-BY
Record Date 2023-09-21 (Day)
Locality Ardmore, W of, Kerrera
Location Grid Reference: NM79182716 Latitude: 56.385025 Longitude: -5.578555
Recorded by Ann McGregor
Identified by Carl Farmer
Identification verification status Accepted - considered correct


Data partner Argyll Biological Records Centre
Data resource Argyll Biological Records Dataset


Life stage Not recorded


Occurrence date 2023-09-21
Sampling protocol Field record / observation
Date precision Day
Event date 2023-09-21


Scientific name Dicranopalpus Doleschall, 1852
Taxon rank genus
Name match metric Taxon GUID match
The match was based on the supplied taxon concept ID rather than the scientific name.
Genus Dicranopalpus
Family Phalangiidae
Order Opiliones
Class Arachnida
Phylum Arthropoda
Kingdom Animalia
Taxon ID NHMSYS0001692824
Supplied taxon ID "NBNSYS0000132424"
Taxonomic issue No issues
Habitat taxon terrestrial
Establishment means taxon Native
Scientific name authorship Doleschall, 1852


Country United Kingdom
State/Province Scotland
Locality Ardmore, W of, Kerrera
Latitude (WGS84) 56.385025
Longitude (WGS84) -5.578555
Geodetic datum EPSG:4326
Coordinate uncertainty in meters 7.1
Information withheld OSGB Grid Reference NM79182716
Bbox 56.384978,-5.578631,56.385072,-5.578478
Grid size in meters 10
Easting 179180
Northing 727160
Grid reference wkt POLYGON((-5.57863 56.38498,-5.57863 56.38507,-5.57848 56.38507,-5.57848 56.38498,-5.57863 56.38498))
County 98
Grid reference NM79182716

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